State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) is one of the largest oil companies in the world. SOCAR is expanding worldwide. It has already established subsidiaries in several countries. In November 2006 SOCAR established own Representation in Georgia.

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26.09.12 Petrol stations under the brand of SOCAR are opening in Switzerland
More than 160 former petrol stations of Esso will be operating in Switzerland under the brand of SOCAR from middle 2013. SOCAR has recently put into operation its first petrol station in Zurich. SOCAR is a new brand of energy carriers at the market. Throughout more than 20 years, this is the first instance of a foreign company reaching the petrol stations of Switzerland.
19.09.12 SOCAR Opens Head Office in Georgia
On September 19 a festive opening ceremony of the head office of SOCAR in Georgia will be held. Opening of the administrative building is a significant event for the company. The given building is the largest office of SOCAR outside Azerbaijan. All services of the Representation of SOCAR in Georgia, SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd and its daughter companies will be concentrated there.
18.09.12 SOCAR is building the factory for carbamide production
On September 18, 2012 the ceremony of laying the foundation of the factory for carbamide production was held in Kulevi at the free industrial zone. The annual output of the factory is 660 000 (six hundred and sixty six thousand) tons. During the construction period up to 1500 people will be employed at the factory whereas after launching it up to 300 people will get jobs.
11.09.12 SOCAR President awarded with Georgian Presidential Order of Excellence
Mikheil Saakashvili, the President of Georgia awarded SOCAR President Mr.Rovnag Abdullayev with Order of Excellence, according to the decree 10/09/08, dated September 10, 2012. That day the order had been presented to Mr. Abdullayev who paid a visit to Georgia.
10.09.12 The Tea-House Opening Ceremony
Among many social projects implemented by SOCAR representation in Georgia, the activities of the company in funding construction-reconstruction works of schools, kindergartens, roads and sports stadiums are worth mentioning. The next target of opening the Representation of SOCAR in Georgia is the building of the Tea House in Marneuli which was purchased by SOCAR with the view of opening the center of youth of Azerbaijan in Georgia. Within the centre courses of Azeri and Georgian languages and dance and chess classes will be operating.
08.09.12 The day of workers of oil and gas industry
In September of the current year the day of workers of oil and gas extracting industry in Georgia was festively celebrated. It was organized by professional unions with the participation of organizations belonging to professional unions. The event was held in restaurant "Abkhazeti".
16.08.12 SOCAR signed the memorandum about developing the Kvemo Kartli region
The regional administration of the region of Kvemo Kartli of Georgia settled with Azeri population and SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) signed a memorandum of cooperation on Thursday. The document was signed in Rustavi by the governor of this Georgian region Mr.David Kirkitadze and President of SOCAR Mr.Rovnag Abdullayev who visited the city of Rustavi.
08.08.12 SOCAR is acquiring 26 petrol stations and the oil base in Ukraine
03.08.12 SOCAR commissioned its next petrol stations in the Ukraine
The joint-stock company "Western Fuel Group" (managing the network of petrol stations of SOCAR in the western part of Ukraine) commissioned three new petrol station complexes under the brand of company SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) in the Lviov region.
03.08.12 The volumes of trans-shipping the cargo through the Kulevi Oil Terminal of SOCAR have been made public
In the first half of the year, the Kulevi oil terminal of company SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) trans-shipped 1.5 million tons of oil cargo which is practically similar to the indicator of the respective period of the last year.

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