State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) is one of the largest oil companies in the world. SOCAR is expanding worldwide. It has already established subsidiaries in several countries. In November 2006 SOCAR established own Representation in Georgia.

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30.09.11 President of SOCAR Mr. R. Abdullayev Visits Georgia
Today president of SOCAR Mr. Rovnag Abdullayev visited Georgia. The aim of the visit was to participate in the activities dedicated to the opening of the gas pipeline in the village Kvemo Sarali of Marneuli region and the 76th petrol station under the brand of SOCAR in Georgia.
16.09.11 Unexpectedly died the Regional Manager of the Representation of SOCAR in Georgia.
Mr.Arif Aliyev, the Regional Manager of the Representation of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) in Georgia died unexpectedly. He was the person to inspire and initiate a number of humanitarian and cultural measures that were extremely successful.
12.09.11 �Goodwill� Food Establishments will be Placed at SOCAR Petrol Stations
�Goodwill� food establishments will be placed at SOCAR Energy Georgia petrol stations near Gori, at the high speed highway. The memorandum of cooperation between the companies was concluded today.
02.09.11 The day of workers of oil and gas industry
In September of the current year the day of workers of oil and gas extracting industry in Georgia was festively celebrated. It was organized by professional unions with the participation of organizations belonging to professional unions. The event was held in restaurant "Abkhazeti".
30.07.11 The Black Sea Oil Terminal of the company SOCAR continues to implement railway projects
The Kulevi oil terminal of company SOCAR in Georgia is planning to commission a 35-kw sub-station of the railway station "Kolkheti" in the near future. According to the agreement, concluded between "The Black Sea Terminal" and "Georgian Railway", the terminal undertook a number of obligations regarding development, construction and reconstruction works of the Georgian railway.
29.07.11 Geography of SOCAR investments is increasing
SOCAR is purposefully moving towards the set target for opening 100 petrol stations at the territory of Georgia. Each petrol station is a new multi-thousand investment for the country as well as the additional place for employment. In order to implement this aim this year SOCAR opened the tenth petrol station, which is the 74th throughout whole Georgia.
28.07.11 SOCAR actively takes part in charity activities
The Representation of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic in Georgia, the main aim of which is defending the interests of economic activity, which envisages establishment of the acceptable environment for implementing the company projects and coordinating efforts of interested parties, also actively takes part in charity activities.
05.07.11 SOCAR Energy Ukraine, Ltd opened new petrol complexes in Odessa region
Today SOCAR Energy Ukraine, Ltd started its new petrol complex under the brand of SOCAR in Odessa region. The new complex is a modern technical system in which the following are integrated: unique architectural design, highly technological equipment for pouring petrol, a special trade equipment of the accounting-cash point of the shop and the zone of the café; unique cousine; Wi-Fi internet is operating for the customers on the territory of the petrol station.
03.07.11 The exhibition of works of Azeri children was opened in Tbilisi
On Sunday the exhibition of works of children from Azerbaijan was opened in Tbilisi. It is held with support of company SOCAR and Tbilisi municipality.
23.06.11 SOCAR, started to provide gas to Georgia again after taking care of the results of the natural disaster
The daughter company of SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd- company SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd restored the gas pipeline with the length of 200 meters in Khashuri, which was damaged as a result of the natural disaster and restored gas supply to the population. The natural disaster of June 18 damaged the gas pipeline as a result of which gas supply to about 300 subscribers was cut off.

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