State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) is one of the largest oil companies in the world. SOCAR is expanding worldwide. It has already established subsidiaries in several countries. In November 2006 SOCAR established own Representation in Georgia.

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03.06.09 SOCAR to build own filling stations in Azerbaijan
The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) will build own filling stations in the country, SOCAR high ranking official said on June 3. This year the company invested 10 million manat to the SOCAR Petroleum company.
21.05.09 Head of SOCAR Energy Georgia Mahir Mammedov said
In January-April, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) sold 127,000 tons of different oil products to Georgia and roughly 90 percent of this volume fell to petrol and diesel fuel," Mammedov said. Mammedov said petrol and diesel fuel is sold on the Georgian market almost at the same quantity and the remained part of oil products falls to aviation kerosene, liquefied gas and black oil which is sold on the market at small quantity.
20.05.09 SOCAR Energy Georgia is planning to increase the consumers twice to 57,000 in Georgia this year, head of the company Mahir Mammedov said
"The number of consumers reaches 60,000, but we are planning to increase their number up to 57, 000," Mammedov added. The company plans to increase the total number of gas consumers up to 150,000 within three years. Currently, company reconstructs gas distribution networks, Mammedov said. On December 26, SOCAR and the Georgian Government signed an agreement to operate 30 farms, and gas distribution networks in the Kakheti, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Shida and Kvemo Kartli, Adjara, Guria, Imereti, Samegrelo regions of Georgia. These networks are operated by 24 companies.
04.05.09 The State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic declared about shipment from the Black Sea Terminal in Kulevi which belongs to it, of the 100th tanker
Remind that the Kulevi Oil Terminal has been opened on May, 16th, 2008. Its throughput makes 10 million tons in year (3 million tons of oil, 3 million tons of diesel oil and 4 million tones of black oil). SOCAR has invested in it about 340 million dollars (at the general investments to Georgia of 400 million dollars).
07.04.09 SOCAR Energy Georgia LTD the Official Sponsor of Chess Federation of Georgia
On April 6th the Director General of "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD Mr. Mahir Mammedov and the President of Chess Federation of Georgia Mr. Georgi Giorgadze signed memorandum, which includes that the company "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD becomes the Official Sponsor of the Chess Federation and during 2009 year will finance all its projects.
22.01.09 First-rate payers in oil products sector
On January 22, 2009 the Union of Oil Producers, Importers and Consumers held rewarding ceremony at club "Triumph" and made known the first-rate payers in oil products sector. The ceremony was mastered by Mr. Zaza Aleksidze. Among the guests there were Minister of Economics of Georgia Mr. Lasha Zhvania, Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary of the Azerbaijan Republic to Georgia Mr. Namig Aliyev, founder of SOCAR Energy Georgia Mr. Ivane Chkhartishvili, SOCAR Energy Georgia Director General Mr. Mahir Mammedov, SOCAR Georgia Petroleum Director Mr. David Zubitashvili, famous culture workers and the others top-level officials; Vakhtang Kikabidze and Eka Mamaladze, representatives of local media.
18.01.09 On the 18th of January 2009, the Deputy of Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan Republic, Head of the Commission of relationships between Georgian and Azerbaijan Parliaments, Mrs. Ganira Pashayeva, visited Georgia
The 20th of January, is the day of national mourning due to the event that took place on this day in Baku in 1990. This day left a tragic trace in Azerbaijan modern history: 138 civilians died, more than 700 were suffered and hundreds of people were missing. Most of them were innocent civilians - youth, women and children. In spite of 19 years that passed after this tragedy Azerbaijan is celebrating this day every year, with pride and tears. Millions of Azerbaijanis go to the graves heroes which fallen victims for Azerbaijan's freedom and independency.
19.12.08 During 7 months since Kulevi Oil Terminal began functioning the amount of exported oil products reached 1,5 million tons
Press service of Kulevi Oil Terminal declared that terminal plans to increase exporting of oil products up to 8-10 million tons. It should be noticed that Kulevi Oil Terminal has finished construction works of 6 railway lines begun in august from terminal to Samtredia. Construction of these lines is aimed at improvement of Georgian railway infrastructure. Total length of resumed railway lines makes 5 kilometers. In addition, terminal provided reconstruction of railway road the length of which up to Senaki station makes 870 meters. It also undertook to reconstruct 875 meters long railway line in Khobi region.
12.12.08 SOCAR provides medical aid for socially unsupported people
The highly efficient physicians of Azerbaijan hospitals arrived in Georgia for 4 days visit from Baku. The visit was sponsored by the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic. It was managed by the regional manager of the Representation SOCAR's in Georgia Mr. Arif Aliyev. 3500 GEL was allocated for this visit.
11.12.08 According to the results of unified national examinations of 2008 more than 55 Azerbaijani entrants were enrolled in higher education institutions of Georgia
According to the results of unified national examinations of 2008 more than 55 Azerbaijani entrants were enrolled in higher education institutions of Georgia. These students were given gifts at Azerbaijan Cultural Center in Marneuli.

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