State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) is one of the largest oil companies in the world. SOCAR is expanding worldwide. It has already established subsidiaries in several countries. In November 2006 SOCAR established own Representation in Georgia.

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04.08.08 The Representation of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic financed treatments of A.Ayvazov and M.Bayramov
The Representation of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic in Georgia financed A.Ayvazov's treatment. The treatment costs equaled to 500 GEL. It also paid M.Bayramov's treatment costs that made 4800 GEL.
30.07.08 New head office in Tbilisi
The Representation of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic in Georgia plans to construct the new head office in Tbilisi, at 300 Aragveli Street. It has already purchased 4178 sq. m. territory. The construction license has been obtained. The facade of the building created by brothers Kobulias will be similar to the "Virgin Castle" located in Baku. The Representation plans to move to 8 storey modern building by the end of 2009.
17.07.08 Till 2015 the alliance SOCAR-Turcas-Injaz plans to invest 5 billion dollars in major petroleum chemical company
SOCAR-Turcas-Injaz plans to grow its market share of up to 40% and to increase its industrial capacity. As Apa - Economics informs by attracting the international financial structures 2 billion dollars will be invested in petroleum chemical industry and 3 billion dollars will be invested in oil-refining infrastructure. In total, it is expected to double the industrial capacity of holding. SOCAR Alliance (Turcas-Injas) owns 51% of Petrkim shares.
09.07.08 Representation of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic in Georgia supports Azerbaijan Cultural Center in Marneuli
SOCAR Representation in Georgia passed six personal computers to Azerbaijan Cultural Center in Marneuli. Three of these computers were sent to Rustavi branch. From time to time Representation of SOCAR in Georgia will support these centers to contribute to the development of Azerbaijan culture in Georgia. For this purpose the company allocated 8700 GEL.
17.05.08 Kulevi Oil Terminal (Black Sea Terminal)
Kulevi Oil Terminal (BST) was officially opened on April 17, 2008. President of Georgia Mr. Mikheil Saakashvili, Prime-Minister of Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Artur Rasi-zade, representatives of government, parliament and business attended the occasion. This terminal was called as "The Third Naval Gate of Georgia" by Mr. Mikheil Saakashvili. More than 500 people are employed at terminal. The capacity of its reservoirs is more than 320 000 cube meters. It is possible to serve 168 carriages at the same time. Construction of 14 km long railway road section has also begun.
01.04.08 SOCAR Representation in Georgia will cooperate with landscape design company
Representation of SOCAR in Georgia sign contract with landscape design company in Georgia "Green House". The company will provide the full reconstruction works for Heydar Aliyev Public Garden in Tbilisi and will permanently pay attention to its greening.
15.03.08 SOCAR Representation in Georgia will pay costs for young man's treatment
The company paid costs for treatment of young man, Anar Abdul Mamedov, who was ill with meningoencephalitic tuberculosis. He underwent the long course of treatment at Nikoloz Barnov Hospital.
0000-00-00 The presentation of the Azeri journal «NARGIS»
On February 28 of the current year the presentation of the Azeri journal «NARGIS» with the project «Wellcome to Georgia» took place in Tbilisi at the Karvasla museum.

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