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M. Akhundovs Museum, Tbilisi
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On may 08, 2013 was opened the house-museum of the famous Azerbaijan writer, enlightener, philosopher, establisher of Azeri drama writing and public figure - Mirza Fatali Akhundzade. The house-museum is situated in the two-storied house, which has been completely restored and renovated by SOCAR. Up to 60 people were given employment during restoration works. Up to 20 people will be employed when the house starts functioning.The opening of the fully restored museum of Mirza Fatali Akhundzade will start a new page in rich relationships in the sphere of culture between Azerbaijan and Georgia. It will bring new life to the ancient and historical region of Tbilisi and become one of the centers of attracting young generation. 

Respected quests and official persons of the government of Georgia visited the grave of Mirza-Fatali Akhundzade in the botanical garden. Mirza-Fatali Akhundzade lived in Tbilisi since 1834 until his death. He worked at the chancellery of the royal governor-general as a translator of eastern languages. He used to communicate with the Georgian public figures G. Orbeliani, G. Tsereteli, R. Eristavi, etc. He was buried at the botanical garden in Tbilisi. His monument is placed in the garden too.

Prime Minister of Georgia Mr. Bidzina Ivanishvili, President of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Rovnag Abdullayev, Minister of Natural Resources and Energy of Georgia Mr. Kakhi Kaladze, Minister of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Abulfaz Garayev, Minister of Culture of Georgia Mr. G.Odisharia, Minister of Reintegration of Georgia Mr. Paata Zakareishvili, Ambassador of the Azerbaijan Republic to Georgia Mr. Azer Huseyn, Director of the Representation of SOCAR in Georgia Mr. Mahir Mammedov and other visitors took part in the opening ceremony.

One of the greatest Azerbaijani prose writers, dramatist, philosopher, enlightener and the founder of the modern realist school and literary criticism Mirzaaxundov Fatali Akhundov lived and passed away in Georgia.

Representation of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic in Georgia claimed the responsibility to establish Akhundov's museum and in 2008 began to refurbish the house where the great writer lived. Anyone will be able to visit place where he lived and worked and have a closer insight into his works. 

M.F.Akhundov was born in 1812 in Shaki. His parents, especially, his uncle Haji Alaskar, who was Fatali's first teacher prepared young Fatali for a career in priesthood but the young man was attracted to literature. In 1832 in Ganja Akhudov met Mirza Shafi Vazeh - a famous Azerbaijani philosopher, who is considered to have influenced the further whole fate of the writer.
In Akhundov's words, it was Vazeh, who inspired him with "enlightened ideas, removing from his eyes the veil of ignorance".

Later in 1834 he moved to Tbilisi, Georgia, where he worked as a translator of oriental languages. In Tbilisi his acquaintance and friendship with the exiled Russian decembrists A.Bestuzhev-Marlinski, A.Odoyevski, poet Ja.Polonsky and others played a large part in formation of Akhundov's views.

M.F. Akhundov`s first published work was the "Oriental Poem" (1837) dedicated to the death of the great Russian poet A. Pushkin. But the rise of Akhundov's literary activity comes to 50s of XIX century.
M.F. Akhundov wrote six comedies - the first ones in the Azerbaijan literature as well as the first samples of the national dramaturgy. Comedies by Akhundov are unique in their critical pathos, mercilessness of the analysis of the Azerbaijani reality of the first half of XIX century. These comedies found numerous responses in the Russian, German, French and other foreign periodical press.
In 1859 M.F. Akhundov, published his short but famous novel "The Deceived Stars" with great difficulty. By this novel he laid the foundation of realistic prose, giving the models of a new genre in Azerbaijani literature. By his comedies and dr
amas Akhundov established realism as the leading trend in Azerbaijani literature.




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